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Life Changing, One Story at a Time

Reading the scripts It was in April 2011, I walked through the doors of FOX 10. I found my way through the newsroom where I found producers engaged in searching for news, writers typing away at the scripts, and reporters working on their stories. Its these stories that appear on the news each and every day that I become engulfed in. As an intern, I never expected to feel so connected and involved in the news as I am today. I never really was an avid fan of the news on a regular basis, but interning at FOX 10 has really changed my ways. One of the stories that really impacted my perspective of news was the killing of Osama Bin Laden. I had only been interning for a week, and already one of the biggest national news stories happened right before my eyes. It was interesting to see how a TV station handled the news compared to what the rest of the country was feeling. Had I not been interning, I wouldn’t have given the news much thought, but when you’re in the journalism business, it’s your job to give it every thought! It seems as if people only care about the biggest headlines on a day-to-day basis, but in my opinion, the best stories are the ones that aren’t as newsworthy. Just this past week, FOX 10 interviewed a man by the name of George Lindell. Sound familiar? He was involved in a car accident and he had a whole lot to say about it. He gave a colorful, humorous response to the accident. This story wasn’t a hot news story or national headline, but guess what? It ended up attracting national attention after getting stints on FOX News, Glen Beck, etc. There’s always a good story out there worth reading or hearing about. You don’t have to be an intern at a TV station to learn and appreciate great stories out there. So I challenge you, find a great story and tell me about it! It could be anything, from sports to an interesting weather story. Whatever it is that interests you, I want to know about it. There’s news everywhere around you, it’s good for you!