Social Media Assignment

The idea of networking through social media is such a useful tool in the broadcast industry. I’ve never been a big fan of Twitter, but after completing this assignment, it made me realize how powerful Twitter can be when it comes to interacting with other professionals. In this particular project, my goal was to connect what I was tweeting about to my blog about being an intern at FOX 10. I made sure to follow directors and producers from notable news stations around the world. Friday happened to be an important day for me at FOX 10 because it was the first time I was going to be able to technical direct, which is something I’ve always dreamed about doing. I love knowing that what I am doing is being seen by thousands of people in Arizona. I thought it would be interesting to let it be known that I was going to be technical directing over Twitter. It’s a good way for other professionals in the industry to be able to see what kind of work I am doing as an intern! My intention was to network, connect with my blog, and showcase my skills as a director. I thought I did a good job of following the right people. Eventually, I hope to interact with these individuals so that way my name will be known and I can develop more professional relationships. After using Twitter, I realized how good of a networking tool Twitter really is. The search engine is unbelievable. I was happy to find plenty of directors from places like ESPN and FOX Sports. I plan on using Twitter on a regular basis now because I see it as a challenge to better myself in the career I am pursuing. Twitter is definitely my new Social Media site of choice from now on!


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